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22 April 2017

The "Know Your Blood Pressure Day" single handedly organised by Malcolm and Sheila Webb on behalf of the Rotary Clubs of Lincoln, Lincoln Colonia and Lincoln Lindum managed to process over 90 individuals during the event on Saturday 22 April. The venue was a gazebo, loaned by Lincoln BIG and set up in City Square where Sheila Webb, Maureen Gariff and Stephen Kershaw took the blood pressures and other Rotarians acted as ushers and helpers. During the day 5 readings were such that those individuals were advised to seek further medical advice.

Rotary in Action in the historic setting of Lincoln at the same time as Lincoln City was reclaiming their place in the Football League.

The club meets on Mondays at
The Nightingale,
116 Nettleham Rd., Lincoln, LN2 1RR

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