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27 May 2016

DG Margaret with Rotarians Sheila Webb and Alfred Schneider attended the inauguration of three new Rotakids Clubs and described this pleasurable event as follows:

"What a wonderful morning today visiting our newly formed Rotakids clubs.

Started at Holt school and saw the children getting their achievement awards.
They were excited to tell us all about the air ambulance that landed on the school playing field, how they had been able to meet the medics and look inside.
They have recently held a book sale and are now planning for the picnic for the Queens birthday.
The children are all making crowns to wear and we have been asked to judge. Don't think it's going to be easy.

Then it was on to Saxilby.
Here we were pleased to see our Rotakids receiving swimming proficiency badges and certificates.
They too are having a birthday party after half term and some crowns are already completed so more judging and maybe another cake!

Finally on to Lesley Manser where we met with the school council.
They told us about a project in the park that they want to raise money for next term.
They are going to make cakes and sell them to raise the money for the project so could buy another cake!
Finally they are celebrating the Queen´s birthday so they too are making crowns."

The club meets on Mondays at
The Nightingale,
116 Nettleham Rd., Lincoln, LN2 1RR

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